Friday, May 18, 2007

In a Nutshell

Happy Birthday to you, Pigface.

Exactly 70 years after the same day that Karol Jozef Wojtyla saw the light, a bouncing baby boy was born and named after his ecstatic father (not to mention the two of them looking a lot like each other.) He was the first, but sadly the last in the family too; he doesn't have any siblings. So being an only child, he was spoiled by his parents during his younger years (or should I say until now), until he found a way to 'freedom,' literally and figuratively, after the words "school" and "outside" were given the chance to boom in his ears.

During his childhood years, he easily believes and follows what is told to him, until he learns what is right and wrong in his acts. Studying was his priority then, and he was a consistent honor student in class (I am not lying.) He may be classified as a nerd a few years back, but still he has time for fun and play. Though his daily travel routine was school-home only, the 'child' inside the body of the 5 year-old boy still managed to escape from the four corners of what he calls home back then. But then again, there came a time for everything to change.

After six long years of realtime studying, he was introduced to the smoke-from-the-vehicles friendly world of Manila, and met friends in the persona of his new classmates in his new high school. The routine was totally changed, with the LRT added to his transportation 'difficulties,' plus the fact that he stays there until seven in the evening, which made Manila his second home. For almost six years (and counting), he was able to withstand and endure the painstaking daily activities that he had encountered (and will be encountering, too) during his life there.

Yet, after the time has gone by, the eerie environment still reminds him of the 'good old days' that he survived living. He is now in college, and still in the 'quiet' arms of Manila, along the busy streets of Padre Faura and Pedro Gil spending his days with his blockmates and friends (Faura Rangers also included). And finally, after seventeen years, he has grown up, or so I hope. Fortunately, he is still alive, and able to inhale the dusty air of the busy metro. Cool.

Happy birthday to him, by the way.

*I am still on hiatus. But then, if giving a birthday present to the celebrant is the cause of your visit, so be it. A suitable host for this blog is top priority. :)

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Coming Up Empty

I have been facing the computer more than notebooks recently, because of games (you name it, I, no, we play it.) Aside from that, voice conferences have been flying up until recently, that perhaps some of the bloggers can even make a blog entry out of it. Yes, my mind may be full of 'wonderful' (yes, wonderful) things, yet I could not create even a decent paragraph out of some nonsense.

Some things just aren't in their proper place at the moment, so I do not expect you to be visiting this blog for perhaps, a week or so. Thanks to my summer classes (plus freshman orientation, plus meetings, plus playing), I am going to get busy. So there goes this blast dratted entry, for now. I guess you readers deserve an apology or a compensation, somehow.

*Thanks to Billycoy for the new header, by the way. (Look up.)


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dancing at the Ball

In behalf of my blog, I apologize to you, dear readers (if you still read my entries) for being away for such a long time. Summer has been killing me lately.

And aside from that, I had the privilege to be a guestblogger in Kuya Chico's Blog. Do not expect a long entry because I need not explain what you're supposed to do to be able to read it.



Well, then I guess I must now start honing my writing skills. Mind you, my guestblog is in Tagalog, not my usual 'forte.' Still, do comment anyway.

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