Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lucky Saturday

It rained heavily in Manila for the fifth time around, still at the same time of the day.

News reports came in telling that these 'what-I-call-thunderstorms' were just effects of the southwest monsoon and a storm in China. Well, if that's what they say. Kokontra pa ba ko?

Thunder roared, raindrops poured. (Wow. Now that I thought of it, it rhymes.) Exactly eight o'clock in the evening, the rain said 'hello' again to Manila. After raining for five days, I just thought of roaming around the city to see what it looks like when its raining so hard. I came up with this list:

  • Manila's finest streets were flooded.
  • This seldom happens. In my four years of stay in Manila, I have never expected that it would instantly be flooded after about twenty minutes of continous rain. Faura and Kalaw were like rivers, not streets. Well, I'm just glad that after a day, the flood goes away too.

  • People, mostly students, were stranded in Kalaw and Faura streets.
  • Of course when streets are flooded, who would think of walking with their leather shoes on? The only people that I saw walking in the rain aside from those with umbrellas were the ones wearing flipflops, sandals, slippers, tsinelas..

  • Malls (SM Manila and Robinson's Place Ermita) were suddenly full of people, who should be going home by now on a regular basis. (that includes me.)
  • People stayed inside the malls for one reason: they can't go out, of course. The raindrops were pouring so hard that people without umbrellas would feel the rain like hale. Ouch. Anyways, if you would like to know which mall had more people inside, SM is the answer.

  • Vehicles, private or public, remained stopped.
  • If passengers were stranded, so were jeepneys. Its hard to pass through a flooded road, you know. If ever you thought of riding a jeepney during a rainy day, think again. If you want to do it anyway, you'd arrive 2-3 hours later, regardless of your distance from home.

  • LRT trains were jampacked.
  • Obviously, the LRT would be the best means of transportation in a day like this. Better buy a ticket worth fifteen pesos than spend 25-50 pesos for a pedicab ride amidst the flooded streets. (unless you're too much of an explorer. Dora?) Riding a jeepney wouldn't help much, either. Ikaw? Gusto mong lumusong?

    So much for that list. At least after writing (typing if you play our language game.) this blog entry, I was able to put an end to one of our homeworks this weekend. Considering the fact that its the hardest of them all, its an achievement.

  • Philo - TTD: Philo always comes first. Don't ask why.

  • Philo - Reaction paper: This one's next.

  • Chem - Homework: I highly doubt if I'd be in the mood to do it.

  • Chem - Review: Argh, same as above.

  • It definitely is a lucky Saturday.

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