Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Dreamer in Me

Back when I was a small child, I've had dreams almost every night. I'm actually part of the 80% who dream in color: and these colors may represent particular emotions. I've always wanted to decode the meaning behind my dreams, what the colors really mean to me. Bad luck though, I'm not good at recalling my own dreams. We'd always ask ourselves; "Why do we dream? How do we know the meaning of our dreams? What can dreams do for us?" Experts offer some tips to recall our dreams more often and interpret them more clearly:

Upgrade Your Dreams

Incubate an idea. Before you go to sleep, consciously think about a topic or a person you'd like to dream about. Pose a question that's troubling you and see how your dream responds to it.

Keep track. Next to your bed, place a pad and a pen, or a tape recorder or a laptop to record your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Try to awaken naturally, without the help of an alarm clock that can disrupt your dream cycle. If your schedule doesn't allow you to sleep in during the week, begin your dream journal on a weekend or during vacation.

Wake up slowly. For the first moment after you awaken, lie still and keep your eyes closed, because your dream may be connected to your body position while you slept. Try to recollect the dream, then store it in your memory by giving it a name. When you rise, immediately write down as many images, feelings and impressions as you can.

Connect the dots. To better interpret your dreams, try to make connections between your recalled dreams and recent events. Look for patterns over several dreams that might help explain an individual dream.

Change the outcome. If you have recurring nightmares that make it difficult to sleep, change the endings. Once you awaken from a bad dream, visualize a change in the action to create a more positive outcome. If you are trapped, try to 'fly.' In your dream, you can do what you want.

Be patient. It may take days or weeks before you're able to recall your dreams in detail, but keep practicing. Dream memories are fragile, and trying to recall all the plot twists and turns on consecutive nights seems to have a cumulative effect.

Dreams are a way for the subconscious to communicate with the conscious mind. Dreaming of something is our brain's way of helping us 'rehearse' for particular events in case they occur. Dreams are like 'shootings' of a very important movie which we call "Life." Since this particular 'movie' doesn't allow retakes and rehearsals, dreaming is our only chance to know when the scene is about to start - and end.

Indeed, our dreams are like movies where we are the star, the director and the writer at once. We are also the most insightful critic of our own movie, and we do not need a couch. Still, we are the best interpreter of our dreams. After all, its our dream.

Whatever happens to our head at night is more important than what we think. It may affect our lives more than we will ever realize, so dare to dream.

*Interpreting our dreams is also like blogging: we recall past experiences and take note of them in our minds, reserving it for the next day. We 'dream' while we're awake, on what to write about that could catch our reader's attention, and to have those most awaited comments that we would like to see.


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