Monday, December 11, 2006

Ward 7's Top Ten

Before I get myself killed by a 300-point Histo II exam tomorrow, I'll just use this opportunity to introduce the Top Ten so-called 'prisoners' of Block 20, the potential patients waiting in line at the 7th Ward of the PGH, the Psychiatric Ward. It's fun being with us, by the way. Try laughing out loud (literally) when we're around, whatever it is, we will surely laugh with you.

[The names were hidden by using their initials, to protect the real identity of the persons (except number 7, who happens to be yours truly). Anyway, you know yourselves, don't you?]

  • JO [Patient Number One]: Better known as my 'bespren,' she is the most (hyper) active in the block. Considering the fact that she is a girl, she has always been tagged with the nickname 'Manny,' because she also lives in Pacman's hometown, General Santos. And, she's proud of it. Famous quotation: "Heehee!!"

  • KL [Patient Number Two]: The only 'baliw' in our block (but she's currently recruiting allies, including JO), hates LA a lot. She's annoyed by noisy people (sergeant at arms, eh?) but she is noisy herself. She even had a recent quotation to mark, but I'd rather not say the whole phrase here. "Huwag kang mag-react...."

  • RR [Patient Number Three]: She's another jolly person in the block. She has been greeting everyone "Merry Christmas" lately, while singing Christmas Carols. By the way, her name should always come in 'BIGGIE' sizes. This lady here has so many boy_friends. Famous quotation: "Ang labo mo."

  • DM [Patient Number Four]: My former 'sweetie' (she doesn't want it anymore and I don't know why), she is another sabaw woman. She would usually utter words at the wrong place, at the wrong time. She's fun to be with, practically. Famous quotation: "Sabaw."

  • MM [Patient Number Five]: A nocturnal human being whom I call 'bru' (she calls me that nickname, too) She has the voice of a boy teenager (nagbibinata hahaha), and when combined with RR and DM, it's a blast. She knows basically anything and everything under the sun. Famous quotation: "Hay, life. :-<"

  • LA [Patient Number Six]: Ah, LA. He's a proud member of the UP Manila Chorale, gifted with a glorious voice, and a tremendous body figure (Peace be with you). Aside from his 'gorgeous' body which RR called the Pangaea, he is also known for his famous quotation, "I hate you."

  • AU [Patient Number Seven]: No comment. I'd just say he's also one of the patients. He is the author of this blog so please, if you do not mind, do not protest anymore.

  • EM [Patient Number Eight]: He is a friend of AU and DP, known for his hilarious drawings of some professors (even blockmate(s) sometimes). He is AU's partner in crime whenever he feels like teasing 'someone' or making issues in the block, and that includes our professors. Famous quotation: "(yells anything)!!!!!!!"

  • DP [Patient Number Nine]: He is another partner in crime of AU or EM, he loves to set things on fire. When Patients 7, 8, and 9 come together, they form the unstoppable 'UPM' gang, or when with AV, they're also known as *'PAID'. Famous quotation: "Sunugin."

  • AT & GC [Patients Number Ten]: These two are the least AB normal people of the block, and they still need some more 'attention'. However, when with JO, they form the infamous 'Powerpuff Girls,' another strong alliance in the block.

    When you call GC, it should always be in the form of "Hi G!" and always smile afterwards. She never fails to smile everyday, and knows it whenever I want to throw a joke. Famous quotation: "Hi A! :)"

    AT however, has a tendency to replace patient 9, because she has been showing the 'signs' lately. She is always teased for her height, and now for her bad bathing habits. Famous quotation: "n_n"

    Whoever you are, currently reading this blog entry: Think of this nonsense as something helpful to you. If you think you are the most abnormal person alive, think again. Think twice (or thrice, if that is the case). At least now you know there are people like you, or even worse than you, who think differently from the others. It is a gift, not a curse. Look at the bright side: Now you know who to avoid whenever you go to Robinson's Place Ermita. Mind you, there are thirty of us, and these persons are just the top ten who qualified.

  • Think it over. I just did.

    *The PAID group has recently come up with their latest project last November, The U.P. Bulag Organization (U.B.O.) The organization aims to beg for alms to be able to enjoy their Christmas. Their motto is: Piso mo, Pasko ko. They have just finished Phase One of the project at the RH lobby, and will now move to CAMP.

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