Tuesday, March 06, 2007


An only child that I am, I've always wondered how it feels like to have a sibling, older or more preferably younger than me. I was envious to those who have been gifted with at least one, though they always say that it's not that much of a gift at all. Sure, being the center of attention of your parents is a good ( when I say good, it's really good ) thing, but I always wanted to have a sibling, just one, perhaps even in my imaginary life. The thought did not escape my mind ever since.

And then, she came along.

Everything happened in a flash. Once upon a time, somewhere in the world, we were simply friends and classmates, but soon enough we became close to each other. I do not know why or how it happened, though. One thing that I know was that we shared a common frustration: having an older sibling. She was a real time elder sister to 2 girls, and I, as mentioned earlier, was an only child. Just to my surprise, we were suddenly calling ourselves 'ate' and 'kuya' the next day. She became my sister, younger and older at the same time. Everything was never the same again after that.

Since then, we had a what I call 'sibling understanding,' much like the way realtime siblings act to each other, but in a less complicated perspective. We would be sharing our secrets, trusting the other not to tell it to anybody and promising it as well. Texting was our only way to do it, as you all know that we do not really live under the same roof. Texting reminders was also a must. From eating lunch up until dinner, to sleeping early, ( though I don't do it always ) these messages were never out of my phone inbox every single day. Funny that it makes me think a second time if we're really 'parents,' of each other, rather than just simple 'siblings.'

But like what is in reality, a so-called sibling rivalry was, as always, inevitable. Though at our age, we ( at least myself ) we're still acting like young children twelve years back. We'd fight over petty things, and have a little quarrel over it for at least an hour. Though most of the time it's just simple drama, sometimes it's for real. In both cases, I am always the bad boy: she never did anything bad against me. I was always 'fighting' her, well, of course not literally. Not to mention myself teasing her about every flaw that I see in her, though I know she'd always fight back. Maybe we ( or it was just I ) would have some laughs, but deep inside I was hurting her, and she was crying. This always happens. I guess that's the reason why I do not have a sibling in real life.

As for me though, I would still be there promising her by sending text messages ( our medium ) that I would never do it again and all that, only to know that I'm going to break that promise the next day. Whatever happened the last time would happen again. ( But this time, I really promise her not to break promises, or better yet, not make a promise at all. ) Though still, at the end of the day, everything is then back to its 'normal' state, as if nothing happened between us at all. We'd still be siblings that we were from the start. Or so I hope.

Well then, for the many ( most of them bad ) things that I have done to her and the many good things that she has done for me, I guess I owe her an apology somehow. And, she really deserves it. It may not be that much, but I hope I could make it up to her.

To you my dear 'sister':

Sorry and thank you for everything. Just remember that I will always be here as your 'kuya' and I do hope that you will also be my 'ate' always. Thanks for touching my life.

your dearest 'brother,' Arnel

Perhaps having an imaginary sibling was better than a real one after all. She was now my sister. Forever. So.

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