Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On a High

Papers and folders were everywhere in my computer desk, waiting to be read. Books from high school and college were piled in the same rack, not to mention those notebooks with corny stickers that have my name printed on them. The phone's headset is still plugged in my ears, playing songs randomly. My gaze wandered through the room, only to see that I was the only one left downstairs.

Gathering up my things for tomorrow, I tried to go up to my room and sleep. I lay myself down on the queen-size bed, putting away all the day's frustrations, hassles and pressure, and still trying to text everyone a morning message, looking for another person who also broke the rule of having a normal sleeping time. After waiting for a few minutes, still there was no reply. Perhaps I was the only one awake this time. After realizing that, I tried to close my eyes. I tried.

Forty minutes have gone by, and still my eyes were open, wandering aimlessly through the darkness of the room, illuminated lightly by the lamp post at the sidewalk. Though my muscles were weary and aching, I was still able to sit up, walk and go downstairs. After turning on the lights, I picked up a pack of chips from the cabinet, and got another bottle of red iced tea from the refrigerator. I turned on the computer, and while waiting for the system to start up, checked my phone for messages. Success. Someone was still alive, at this time of the day. It was 1:12 AM, and the hands of the clock were continously ticking. I only have about 4 hours left to sleep, but it's not yet time to do that. I just can't.

After finishing the light meal, here I am, typing this blasted blog entry, still desperately trying to sleep even in the computer chair. I tried to played slow songs in the player, but still no good. I read some of the handouts in Histo 2, but still I was able to finish them without getting sleepy. I turned off the lights, leaving the job of shedding light on the room to the LCD of the computer monitor. The room was filled with darkness again. I didn't have the strength to go back up anymore, so I decided to stay downstairs and wait until the feeling creeps in.

Alas, I had the perfect time for sleep. After taking a final glance at the silvery white moon outside and also my phone's clock, at 2:40 AM, finally my eyes were like on a kaleidoscope, spinning around. At last, it is time. With barely two hours of sleep, I still have to wake up early tomorrow morning, or should I say later at 5:00 AM, as soon as the alarm from my phone goes off. Until then, I'll have to keep my eyes closed.

So, yes, good night.

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